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Liis Salus

Experience In Financial and Legal Consulting​

More than a decade of experience with international client base, as well as various companies and projects in banking, investment funds, start-ups, technology companies, real estate investments, crowdfunding etc


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We really enjoy working together with Liis and can highly recommend her. Especially the principled and reliable followthrough on every matter and every detail has been incredibly valuable for us, as well as the flexibility in terms of finding the right solution for our needs.

Mikko Los Angeles

I feel grateful to Ms Liis for her immense support and valuable guidance to maintain my business records after I registered my company in Estonia back in 2016. She has provided all relevant guidelines needed for me being a non-EU business owner here. I strongly recommend her company as one of the best in Tallinn.

Sharma India

I have been a client of Liis since inception of her business. Her disciplined and thorough approach both on legal and financial matters has made it easy to run a business in Estonia. The service is always punctual, correct and multilingual. I am pleased to recommend her efficient and reliable services.

Petri Finland

Working with Liis to run a company in Estonia is a truly smooth experience! She has always been connected and ready to help, showing a great deal of flexibility and always looking for the best and most efficient solutions to even most complex problems. Thanks to Liis I have been able to run worldwide business as an Estonian entity, completely remotely and headache free! I highly recommend her services in legal and financial matters.

Natalie Spain

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12+ Years Of Experience
In Financial and Legal Consulting

Our clients represent various locations in the world, but Estonia is their choice for business location.
We are happy to offer Accounting, Legal and E-Residency Services.

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